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Root Canals at Bailey Dental Group

When a tooth is severely infected the infection can travel to the inside of your tooth where the nerves are found. An infected tooth will become increasingly sensitive and painful while chewing and with temperature changes. In order to save natural tooth, Bailey Dental Group, a Northwest Houston dental office, offers root canals to treat damaged teeth and restore oral health and function.

Why Choose a Root Canal?

When a tooth has extensive damage, it is important to stop discomfort and restore health as soon as possible. Historically, severely damaged teeth were extracted, but with advanced improvements on root canal therapy techniques and equipment, Dr. Bailey can save as your natural teeth. Extractions create new dental problems; removed teeth they leave gap that cause complications for neighboring teeth. Root canals are a more efficient and affordable way to save as much natural tooth as possible and restore oral health and function to your bite.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Before the procedure begins, Dr. Bailey will take an impression of the tooth to create the restorative crown. Once the area has been numbed, Dr, Bailey begins work on the infected tooth. With expert care and precision technique, Dr. Bailey access the core of the tooth and removes damaged and infected tissue, nerves and roots, from inside the tooth. Once this material has been removed, the tooth is cleaned and filled. A temporary crown is placed over the tooth until the final restoration is created. A second visit to place the finished crown will complete treatment.

Saving Teeth in Northwest Houston

It is always best to save as much original tooth structure as possible. Dr. Bailey strives to educate his patients on effective dentistry, prevention and the importance of saving original teeth. Extraction is a solution, but it is also traumatic to the affected area and requires additional work to replace the tooth, or treat problems with surrounding teeth. Compared to the cost of replacing teeth, root canal therapy is an affordable dental procedure that provides the most benefits for long-term oral health.

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