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Gum disease is a preventable disease that can be avoided with an effective at-home oral hygiene routine and routine cleanings at the dentist’s office. Also known as the “silent disease”, many people who have gum disease do not realize it until the condition has progressed into a more advanced stage where extensive treatment is needed to reestablish your smile.

Dr. Cory Bailey offers a number of treatments specifically for individuals suffering from gum disease in our Cypress dental office. Bailey Dental Group is dedicated to bringing oral health back into your life through gentle care and quality gum treatments that can stop the progression of gum disease and work to protect your teeth and gums from further damage. 

What are the Stages of Gum Disease?

The first stage of periodontal disease is gingivitis. This initial stage can be reversed through an improved brushing and flossing routine, which will eradicate any primary swelling, tenderness or bleeding surface gum tissue. Because plaque and bacteria have not yet travelled under the gum line, gingivitis may go unnoticed and plaque will harden into more damaging tartar.
Periodontitis is the second stage of gum disease where tartar and bacteria begin to cause increased gum sensitivity. During this stage, the gums slowly begin to pull away from the teeth, creating pockets that collect food debris and are difficult to clean. During this stage, patients may notice bad breath or a consistent foul taste in your mouth. Individuals may also experience significant swelling and redness along the gum line along with definite sore gum tissue. Once patients develop periodontitis, dental gum disease treatment is the only way to stop the disease in its tracks.

The third and final stage of gum disease is advanced periodontitis. At this stage of the infection, the bacteria has spread well below the gum line and begins to erode the roots and bone that hold theap teeth in place. As a result, many individuals at this stage may lose their teeth if the condition is left untreated. 

Treating Gum Disease in Cypress
Cypress Dentist for Gum Disease

The staff at Bailey Dental Group includes hygienists with over 20 years of experience providing gum disease therapy to patients. When treating gum disease cases, our experienced team first uses deep cleanings that include root planning and scaling to remove bacteria, infected tissue, and tartar from the lower portion of your tooth and roots. Follow up periodontal maintenance includes visits to our Cypress office every three months to remove plaque and prevent the recurrence of tartar build-up.

For those patients who had reached the advanced periodontitis stage, Dr. Bailey may perform a bone graft on your jaw to reinforce the strength and health of the bone as well as save the integrity of your teeth and bite strength. For more severe problems, our Cypress dentists will refer you to a gum specialist, or periodontist.

If you are experiencing problems with your gums or haven’t been to a dental check-up in a while, Bailey Dental Group encourages you to schedule an appointment. The best care for gum disease is practicing regular preventive dentistry at home and visiting your dentist for biannual cleanings.

Contact us at our Northwest Houston dental office in Cypress to find out more about the effects of gum disease and how we can work together to stop the progression.

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