Composite Fillings

Composite Fillings in Northwest Houston

If you have ever had a cavity don't worry! According to a 2000 report by the US Surgeon General about 78% of us will have at least one cavity by the time we turn 17 years old. Thankfully, cavities can be treated with a time-tested and effective treatment: The Dental Filling!

As the name implies, the dental filling seals a small hole in your tooth, or a cavity caused by tooth decay. This prevents the further spread of decay in your tooth. Left untreated, this bacteria-induced infection could continue to spread into the sensitive inner pulp tissue (or nerve) located in the root canal. If this occurs, you would need root canal treatment to counter this.

At Dr. Cory Bailey's Northwest Houston dental practice, we offer composite fillings for our patients!

Composite fillings refer to the popular choice that many patients opt for when receiving a dental filling. They are popular because they appear to be more "natural" and thus are more cosmetically appealing. Composite fillings are a mixture of plastic and glass when bonded with the tooth. Besides the cosmetic benefits, composites tend to hold up twice as long as amalgam (or "silver" metal fillings) fillings. 

What Does the Process Involve?

Regardless if you ever receive a composite or an amalgam filling, the process for filling the tooth is the same. Your filling begins with a clinical exam of your tooth with x-rays in order to determine the extent of tooth decay. After this, anesthesia will be provided to prevent discomfort as the decayed area of the tooth is removed, usually with a dental drill. After removing the decay, the remaining tooth structure is etched with a mildly acidic solution. Finally, the translucent cement is applied to bond the tooth and the filling together!

What to Expect After a Filling?

Following the filling's application, the numbness caused by your local anesthesia should wear off within a couple of hours. Until then, it's usually recommended to avoid drinking hot or cold liquids as well as eating on the side of your mouth with the new filling. Some sensitivity to hot and cold is normal for the first couple of weeks after a tooth filling. If this persists beyond that or if you experience any pain when you bite, it could mean that your filling needs to be adjusted. Continue to brush and floss as normal and visit our Northwest Houston practice twice per year for your regular checkups and cleanings. 

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